Introducing the Revolutionary Hearing Device Case

AidKeeper was developed to protect your hearing devices when not in your ears. It’s a safe place when performing activities such as boating, fishing, golfing, hunting, and hiking, or when riding on an ATV or motorcycle.  It’s great to have when in the wind, rain, a noisy restaurant, or while on vacation.  It can even protect your hearing devices from a pet, rocking chair, or a washing machine. They also provide a sanitary environment for your hearing devices, so you are less likely to get an ear infection!   AidKeeper™ is the ideal solution for on-the-go hearing device management.

Having an AidKeeper is like insurance or a cell phone case: you’re glad you have it when you need it!

It can protect several types of hearing devices: hearing aids, wireless earbuds/headsets, or even in-ear monitors used in the music industry.  It's large enough for at least one Baha or cochlear implant processor.

We understand the challenges related to protecting your hearing aids from damage. With a sizable out-of-pocket expense of up to $10,000 or more, and given that very few insurance policies, if any, cover hearing aid costs, they really are an investment to protect!

And if you have trouble losing your hearing aids, AidKeepercan help! It has a place for a wireless locator that works with an app so you can find it with your smart phone (the wireless locator is sold separately).

The innovative and patented AidKeeper™ has much to offer: it’s waterproof and will float (when the cap is tightened to the O-Ring). It’s crush-resistant (in the lab we’ve driven over it with a Ford F-250 diesel pickup - click Here to see it).

It provides storage for spare batteries, a cleaning brush, and desiccant (moisture absorber), so you have what you need to maintain them while on the go!  It comes in different colors: if you want it in bright orange or hot pink so you can easily find it – we’ve got it!

All of this and it fits nicely in your pocket.

Designed and made in the USA, and priced much less than many cell phone cases, the AidKeeper™ is for anyone needing to protect their hearing device investment!

Distributor or Audiology pricing is available, once Registered, by applying as a vendor Here.




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